Window Cleaning

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One of the main reasons that people give us a call is that they need certain areas of their home or business cleaned that they personally have a tough time reaching. Windows just so happen to be a very common area that people have a tough time reaching. We just figured that we would create a specific service page for our window cleaning services to clear up a lot of the different doubts that we were getting. First of all, window cleaning is not as easy as it may seem so getting professionals on the job regardless of where your windows may be located could be a very good idea!

Does This Mean Other Cleaning Services Don’t Include Windows?

The last thing that we want to do is create more doubts about our services with this page, so we are going to try and clear up this right off the bat. No, the fact that we can specifically clean windows does not necessarily mean that we won’t clean your windows in a routine cleaning service. The reason that we talk about window cleaning as a separate service is the fact that at times this service requires people with a different type of skill set than the one that a maid may possess to get the job done!

Size & Location Will Determine The Price? 

We would have to say yes, and no is the true answer to this question. If we are talking about windows that we are going to need a very tall ladder and equipment to reach than yes, the different equipment that we may have to use for each service could affect that price. If you have a window on the ground floor that is wider or taller than a normal window that is not necessarily going to affect the price. We try to be fair and use common sense in our prices!

Will We Outsource?

A lot of people come to us with different types of doubts with this service. One of these is if we outsource another company to come in and take care of very tall windows. To be honest we have not had to do so, so far. As for the most part people who need exterior window cleaning from people that are going to be left hanging from the side of the building typically look for that service specifically. If we work with you on cleaning interiors though, and we may need help on exteriors we may consider this possibility!

Window Cleaning In Offices & Stores     

Window cleaning, for the most part, is the same exact process regardless of what type of window you are cleaning. So, of course, we can take care of cleaning different areas in businesses. What we can provide to businesses specifically that may other companies will be reluctant to do so is cleaning outside of business hours. That way we won’t interrupt the natural flow of your workplace and we will also get a chance to do our job right! Additionally, customers are interested in other services as well. Why can our maid service help you?

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