Maid Service

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If you have ever been to a hotel and stayed there a couple of days in the same room you have experienced what it is like to have a maid service that you are not fully aware of. What do we mean by not fully aware of? The maids went in and did their job while you were not in the room. Now, a lot of people have good experiences with these types of services others let’s just say not so much. If you were looking for a maid for your home then you would probably seek out a couple of qualities that you would want to look for above all else. We want to let you know how our services cover these qualities and then some!

Personalized Service

We don’t necessarily mean personal in a way that the maid forcefully will greet everyone by their first name or anything like that. We mean personalized in the sense that we use the products that you like to use on your home. We clean certain areas the way that you would want them to be cleaned. The difference between our service and many others out there is the fact that we provide superior attention to detail. Our maids go in with a literal game plan and are expected to execute it properly every time!

Having Trust & Confidence

As we have mentioned we know that there are people out there that have been robbed in hotels or even within their homes by maids that they have brought in! That is why we mentioned that everyone has different experiences with these types of services. We know that we can’t totally eliminate those fears from everyone, but that is why we have strict company policies with our employees and a proven track record of clean sheet services where nothing went missing. To try and provide the trust bond that is needed for these types of jobs to flow correctly.

Getting Your Money’s Worth  

Being able to provide a truly personalized service where our employees will know what you want or need takes some time. That being said we want to make sure that you feel that you got you are money’s worth from the first time that you give us a call to provide a service. With that in mind, we send all of our maids out there with a very service first attitude. If you don’t like how a certain area turned out, let us know and we can try and make it better on the spot, not the next time around!

Recurring Maid Services

Sticking with the concept of building trust and a relationship between you and our maids we get a lot of calls from people who want to know whether the same maid is going to be working with them long term. For the most part, we can’t guarantee that a particular maid will always be available. If you wish to request a specific staff member we will do our best to match their availability with your services! Now, you may also have less common but necessary cleaning such as move in / move out cleaning.

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