About Our Business

a happy woman cleaning a mirror

We get plenty of curious customers that want to know why we decided to start a cleaning company. None of us who started the company actually cleaned houses so it seemed like an odd path. We noticed though that there were a lot of different people out there that had the talent to work in the cleaning industry, but had no idea where to start. We also noticed that there were people out there including our friends and ourselves that needed a cleaning service, but had no idea how they would go about ordering one or finding somebody that could provide the service for them. We put those things together and formed House Cleaners of Mesa AZ.

Through the years though we have learned the hard way that the way to a successful business is to treat people as you would want to be treated. Pay fair wages, charge fair wages. Even if you do that though, it doesn’t mean that the people you work with and for will be reciprocal in those ideals. Today we are a service that only hires people that are willing to work hard and be honest on the job which is the most important value in our line of work. We hope that the people that we get a chance to work with have the same type of ideas in mind! From our end though, you can expect the best and most honest cleaning service in Mesa Arizona! Contact us today!

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