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If you've been looking for the right house cleaning Mesa AZ team to hire, House Cleaners of Mesa have been cleaning homes and businesses in the Mesa area for many years now. The main reason that we have been able to stay in business is the fact that our clients rely on us constantly to deliver the best maid and cleaning services on the market. If you are looking for professional house cleaning in mesa az congratulations you are on the right path towards finding the service that fits your needs best!

About Us

How does a group of people who had never in their lives cleaned a house properly form the company that provides the best house cleaning services in all of Arizona? It is really quite simple we became the link that brought together the top professionals of this business with the people that needed their services the most! We are middlemen and we are not ashamed of it. The reason we can be proud of that is the fact that our business is based so much on loyalty and respect that we truly believe that people are better off hiring a service that will have their back in case anything goes wrong.


Which area of your house do you need to be cleaned out? If you answered my floors, windows, bedrooms, bathrooms or the last option all of the above we have got you covered! Our cleaning services are not meant to be a hassle for you. We are not like other services that are going to want charge extra for every single piece of trash they pick up or spec of dust they mop up. We provide full services that are actually full services! If you have hired other companies that do it another way you will know why we are saying this!

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Home and Apartment Cleaning

This is the service that we field the most calls about. There are a couple of different ways that we can go about providing this service for you. Most people are looking for the typical maid service that we provide. The main idea or goal we should say, we try to achieve with this service is to allow our client to get comfortable with our personnel and have our personnel adapt to the client. We understand that people like to have their home cleaned in different ways and we want to provide a service where the homeowner can have the final say in how he or she wants things done!

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Vacation Rental Cleaning

Whether you are a landlord or tenant you deserve to keep your vacation home as clean as possible. In this service, we usually get landlords that are looking to provide a maid service to their tenants. It is a great plus that you can provide as a landlord and also it can help ease your mind a little bit when renting your home out to strangers. If you are renting the place out you may also want to give us a call to make sure everything is perfectly clean before you leave the place!

"I have been using the maid service offered by House Cleaners of Mesa AZ for years to take care of my summer home here. I really have never had to worry about a thing they are truly a premium service!" -Donald F.

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services are meant to reach new heights, literally! We have helped people throughout the years get to all of those hard to reach windows on the inside and outside of their homes. We have a standard way to clean windows that we teach to all of our employees. If you happen to prefer a specific way that you would like the service done, then we can also adapt to that perfectly!

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Maid Service

Hiring a maid service should not be reserved for only a privileged few. These days around 80% of the working population simply does not have the time to clean out their homes. Those that do, don’t want to spend their free time cleaning their homes! That is where our maid service comes in! We have a team of maids with home and hotel experience for the most part that we guarantee will provide a thorough cleaning service to any type of home or business!

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"I had been switching different maids for my home because they were not reliable and would never show up on time. It would take me forever to find a new maid every time and in the meantime, I had to get the work done on my own. One day I called House Cleaners of Mesa AZ and never looked back! I have not had to worry about getting a new maid and I always have a person that is going to come and clean my home! " - Kristine I.

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Move In / Move Out Cleaning

For the most part, moving is not a fun process. Having people around to help clean out before you move in or after you move out could really help in a number of ways. For starters, we usually find a lot of the things that you were going to leave behind when moving out. Just based on that alone it could be worth hiring our services. When moving in we give you a chance to start your new life on the right foot.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

At times floors will not look clean no matter how hard you mop and scrub them. That does not mean though that you should just accept your fate or change floors every year. We can come in and clean your tile floors to the point where they will look as good as new. We remove all of the gunk that has piled up between the tiles and pressure wash the entire floor to remove all of the other imperfections that they may have at the time. Having your floors properly cleaned a couple of times a year could really help your home look its best!

"Finding the right cleaning service for my office was tough. I did not want full-time staff, but I did want people I could trust. I found House Cleaners of Mesa AZ and it has truly been a blessing. Even when they switch people out every person that comes in knows how I want the service done and works efficiently!" - Ahmad K.

Contact Us Today

As we said before we usually like to give our clients the opportunity to build their own service. The main reason that we decide to talk about certain types of cleaning services that we do individually is not so that you can get ready to pay extra for these services. It is more so that you can get a true grasp on what we are actually offering. Call or contact us today to schedule your customized service!